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Simply Southern Closets CNC Machining
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Our designer will visit your home to discuss your space and review your project goals. While we're there, we take the measurements and gather an inventory of what is to be organized. Most designs can be done at that time.


You and your designer develope a solution that fits your life, needs, style, and budget. Our design package will be emailed to you. It contains  a complete list of items selected with images.  An internet link will be provided to view your design in 3D As well as a Virtual 3D.


Together we create a plan that takes the stress out of site preparation. This would include developing a timeline to ensure that the area receiving the system is clear with no impediments. Holes from previous wire rack systems are filled and touched up. For an added flair speak with your designer about making the area behind your system a focal wall by adding a splash of color or even wallpaper.

These simple additions change the WOW factor immensely!


You will receive an email 48 hours before your scheduled installation to confirm and introduce you to your installation team. Our team will arrive in a timely manner. Installation is usually a single day event, some larger and intricate systems may take longer.

Simply Southern Closets, Custom Closet Manufacturer
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